AK Trading (AKT) provides solutions in broadband security. Through the combination of DSL and the latest MPEG 4 compression standards it is now possible to stream live video and audio from intelligent Internet aware cameras and video servers to anywhere in the world. AKT have procured and tested a range of broadband security solutions that bridge the gap between traditional CCTV and digital surveillance.

AKT is an international company with offices across Europe and Asia. Our main offices are near London, England and Seoul, South Korea with subsidiaries in France, Italy, China, Australia, and Japan. This extensive network has enabled AKT to cherry pick the best products from Europe and Asia and offer them to system integrators and distributors across the world.

Our emphasis is on solutions and tailoring the right product suite to the project or application. The solutions section of this website shows the market segments addressed by AKT and the product section highlights proven and tested products from strategic partners that satisfy these markets. AKT also has access to a wide range of accessories including high-speed dome and IR cameras at very competitive rates. However each project is unique and AKT will discuss the suitability of each system component with clients in order to ensure a successful installation.

AKT are working with partners large and small on projects that are also large and small. We have designed and delivered software and hardware on projects to offer complete solutions that can manage up to thousands of cameras. Our international coverage ensures that a native speaking consultant is always on hand to answer any of our client’s questions in their native tongue.